Filby in Bloom

A Lovely Place to Be

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Results 2018

Anglia in Bloom


The Anglia in Bloom Awards Ceremony, this year, was held at the Apex Centre, Bury St. Edmonds, on Wednesday September 12th..


The village itself was named winner of the village category (for the 17th time in 20 years) and gained the Best Envonronmental Quality Award.




Best village: Filby with a Gold


Best Environmental Quality


Other awards …


Filby All Saints Church, Gold in the Best Churchyard Category.


Filby Bridge Restaurant, Gold in the Best Restaurant Category.


Judges nominations in their category for Filby Primary School, the Pound and Filby Broad.


Congratulations to Best Overall Entry to Wisbeach.


All Results





Caroline Nicker and Gwen Thurtle with Bob Ollier


Nick and Sue Dawes with Alan Lovett



Adrian Thompson and Derek Nicker with Melanie Lemon



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